Wedding planning can’t be that bad, right?

So far I have been having a ball planning our fall wedding.  We are still up in the air when it comes to a date but I am not too concerned.  As long as it doesn’t fall on Thanksgiving weekend or late December I am happy.  Getting all my ideas and thoughts sorted is going to prove to be the most difficult.  I have to make it my job to organize all the information I come across into spreadsheets and/or folders.  We’re working with a minimal budget since we’re covering all the costs.  I am trying to decide what projects I want to take on myself (make the bouquets, invites, decorations?) and what I’d rather pay someone to do so I can spend more time on other things.

So yes, Greg and I really want this wedding to be about us celebrating this new chapter in our lives with friends and family.  We’re all about it being fun.  I’m hoping to pull off an urban Texas chic look.  We’re not going to lie, we want this to be cheap and chic.  I have my priorities: cake, food, booze. So any advice on how to save on anything will be greatly appreciated!  Greg’s pretty good about giving his opinion and will pick up any errands that need to be done so I’m not too worried about getting overwhelmed in the next few months. I know this is the beginning of a long process but I have successfully found my first wedding bargain. I don’t directly benefit from it but my bridesmaids do. Presenting my amazing find:


Was: $198.00 Now: $39.44

Wait! It gets better! I found a 20% off and free shipping promotional code on so the dress came out to $34.16 including shipping. And the cherry on top was that it was available in all sizes so no one has to lose or gain weight to fit into one. I’m having one delivered to me so I’ll have the fabric color to work with. At $34, how could I turn down the dress for myself? It’s way too cute.

Currently, we’re working on finding a venue, since that will determine what our next steps will be: Rent linen, chairs, flatware? Buy centerpieces, or will they be provided? Find a caterer? A baker? So much.  I hope I can keep all the names, places and things straight.  I ordered myself a handy-dandy organizer off  Can’t wait for it to get here so I can start filling it with my printouts.

For this week: tour a venue and meet with an amateur photographer. I don’t have my heart set on this place but like many initial interviews, it’ll provide us with the experience of what to ask the next time. And perhaps it’ll allow us to flex our bargaining muscles.  As for the photographer, I found her on Craigslist.  Just in case you don’t know this, I have a loving realtionship with Craigslist.  I’ve found furniture, apartments, roommates, gym buddies, dates, and my current fiance. The photographer has 4 years experience and is trying to expand her wedding photography portfolio.  She’s offering quite the bargain so I’m going to meet with her on Wednesday to check out her portfolio. Here’s hoping it works out because it’ll be one less thing to worry about.



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3 responses to “Wedding planning can’t be that bad, right?

  1. Kathy

    Check out, especially the kvetch section. That was a good source Tommy and I used for ours; most of the people on there are trying to do a chic and cheap wedding and are willing to share what worked and what didn’t for them.

    I also found a pretty good wedding checklist gadget on Google. We put it into a Google Doc we had shared between us so we could easily see what has been done and what needed to be finished.

    I also still have the Anti-Bride etiquette guide (at least I’m pretty sure I do, although I haven’t seen it in a while) and a wedding ceremony planner guide. Let me know if you’re interested in them.

    Register with Not so much for what they have offered (dresses, venues, etc. were all pretty expensive) but because after you get married, you get The Nest magazine for free.

    If there’s anything I/we can do to help, just let me know!

    Yay, y’all!

  2. I can vouch for what Kathy said about and the wedding checklist gadget on Google.

    As for cheap, the best way is to get your friends to help participate. Getting them to clean and decorate saved us a bunch. Usually, friends are happy to offer up services for the wedding as their gift to you. Bride and groom usually come out way ahead on that deal.

    Also, it might be different in Austin, but the reason we didn’t have a bar at our wedding was because we also had to hire a TABC licensed bartender + 1 patrolman/100 guests. Not cheap.

    We were able to get our food for ~$10/person from Babe’s/Bubba’s catering. Very cheap and tasty.

    Look forward to the big day!

  3. Becky Tien

    A centerpiece suggestion that we could provide:

    A small piece of flagstone, topped with a white/ivory pillar candle, surrounded by live oak twigs. Maybe smaller candles of various sizes, no greenery. We could use the stone in our yard after the wedding, and candles are always handy to have around.

    Might not be your style, but figured I’d put it out there.

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