Maybe I’m jinxing myself…

…but I don’t see what all the fuss is about planning a wedding is about. It hasn’t been hard at all. Our biggest stress was trying to decide on the venue. Being so laid back and desperately wanting a worry-free event we went with the venue that gave us more for our money rather than go with the prettier one that only provided us with the space and tables. Problem solved. I have to admit, I love planning parties and this will be the grandest of them all to date, so maybe that’s why I’m finding this whole process so easy. And of course I have a great partner that is very much involved in the decision making.  Greg is great at pointing out the positives and negatives of things and his likes and dislikes.

So far we have booked the venue/caterer, the baker, the ice cream maker, the photographer, and the officiant. We bought our paper for the DIY invites and all things paper, the centerpieces, the cake toppers, the wedding card holder, the bridesmaid dresses, my dress, my (fabulously purple) shoes, and my veil.

We already decided on the save-the-dates, guest book (which won’t be a book), the bridesmaid dresses (which the ladies already got), the favors, and the alcohol.

We’re still tinkering with the menu, the hotel block, the groomsmen gifts, the flowers, Greg’s suit, and the main songs. So…I’m curious, what was the first song you danced to as a married couple?

So all in all we’re doing pretty well with the planning. We’ve been lucky that we haven’t had to consult anyone on much (except the date) and that allows for a lot of freedom. I think things would be different if family was involved in the planning and since they aren’t there won’t be any hurt feelings if we decide not to invite a distant cousin or opt out of a lot of the traditional stuff (ex. no garter or bouquet toss, no unity candle or sand ceremony, no long vows, a non-religious ceremony and probably no readings). We’re kind of still open on having a short reading so we’ll take any suggestions. We mostly want a short ceremony so we can get on to celebrating with our family and friends.

I’ve had the most fun planning the reception. I’m more into the details: the colors, all things paper (invites, signage, escort cards, etc.), the tables’ layout, the guest seating, and the music. I really want people to enjoy the reception. Ceremonies can be beautiful but I can’t remember most of what was said. I mainly remember the ones I was a part of. The reception is what I mostly remember from the several I’ve attended, so I’m running with that. On our RSVPs we’re going to request people recommend two songs that they want played at the reception. My friend Jenny suggested that and I thought it was a great, great idea and that I was going to borrow it. Here’s hoping it gets people out on the dance floor.


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