To First Glance or Not to First Glance?

I think we will be “first glancing” it. We really want to start socializing and enjoying our reception time right after the ceremony. So…it makes sense to take all the photos before the ceremony. Not only will we get to have that beautiful by ourselves for a bit, we also get to relax and enjoy the time with our mostly out-of-town guests after the ceremony, which we find to be the most important thing to us.

I’m not a traditionalist but I was definitely holding tight to the idea of not seeing G. before the ceremony. But the more I thought about about missing out of visiting time with friends and getting to eat the fab cocktail hour I got all worked up. I don’t want to have to rush the pictures so we can get our par-tay on. After reading a few blogs, this one solidified my belief that we’re doing the right thing for us.

So after much mulling over seeing each other before the ceremony we decided to do a “first glance”! G. has already started of thinking of fun ways we can make use of the plantation-style house we’ll have use of that day. I think I am looking forward to those precious moments together right before we exchange our vows the most. Dancing and eating cake are a close second.



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4 responses to “To First Glance or Not to First Glance?

  1. qortez

    Can’t forget about the ice cream.

  2. Danny

    I think your plan is a really fantastic idea. you definitely don’t want to be separated from your family and guests on that day.

  3. Becky Tien

    Gene & I had our pics done before the ceremony. It was OK, but I look really tense in all the pictures since I was, well, really tense about everything going somewhat as planned. Just be conscious of your mood, and have some tequila on hand. 😉 Our reception pics are much better since we were just having fun at that point.

  4. Ruby

    I just attended a wedding on Saturday and the guest waited over 2 hours at the reception for the bride and groom to arrive, they were busy taking their wedding pictures. Not much fun to wait that long and not know anybody. Everyone we knew was in the wedding party.

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