Little Bo Beep

We are the proud new owners of 12, yes, 12 Shepherd hooks! We got them for a bargain on ebay. They average $4.70 a piece. Take that Home Depot!


I have very cute plans for these rods.  I am planning on hanging mason jars from the hooks and line them along the aisle, like this:


Is it not precious?! I fell in love with this idea after seeing pictures of them. If we were having an evening wedding I would totally hang lanterns from them.

I totally think we are falling behind in doing things but we really aren’t. A lot of the work that has to be done won’t be worked on until a few weeks out so I guess I will enjoy being worry-free until then. Come September I will be pulling my hair over making invites, getting table runners, and trying to get my dress altered. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it.


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