Gocco? Yes, please.

We decided to keep the Do-It-Yourself theme going and made our Thank You cards. So I apologize if I ruined the surprise.

Using a Gocco and some stamps we print screened some note cards and napkins for the bar…viola!


It’s fun. It’s vibrant. It’s cute. It’s us.

Now the napkins:


Napkins drying on the table

DSCF0011One of two designs

So there you go, a few more details that are making up our wedding.



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3 responses to “Gocco? Yes, please.

  1. Trish

    OMG – these are toooo cute. If you want to rent that gocco out when you are done with it lemme know. Or I can pay you to do some napkins for us!!?

    • mujerboricua

      Please, you can totally borrow it. I may not have the inks in your wedding colors but you can easily find the inks on Ebay.

    • mujerboricua

      Okay, I took a look. I have purple, bronze, gold, black, green and yellow. I bet you can use the bronze easily.

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