Greg and Melizza

I moved to Austin (sight unseen) after quitting my job in Virginia. All my good friends were moving away so I figured it was time for a new adventure. I quit my job, packed the car and headed to Texas. Being a Brooklyn girl I never thought I would end up there but I couldn’t ignore all the good things people had to say about Austin. I found myself with a new job within a couple of days so I decided to play that luck over with dating.

I always found Craig’s list to be a great source when looking for selling, buying and finding things. So why not love? Well, love wasn’t exactly what I was going for when I posted an ad. I was looking for someone to show me around town, hang out with and introduce me to new people. Greg was one of the few men who replied in complete, coherent sentences. And he knew how to dance. Score. So I emailed him back and we set up a date.

We went for the bats. On our first date we went to see the largest urban population of bats in north America. Cool, huh?

Greg and I met August 27, 2006 and have been together almost every single day since.  Even though we are complete opposites we work amazingly well together.  So well we have decided to take the next step-marriage.


One response to “Greg and Melizza

  1. Grace Mateo

    Congratulations! I am very happy for you both. I give all my love and best wishes to you two love birds!

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