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I'm a Brooklynite that enjoys baking, cooking, hosting parties and taking photos of all I do...with a bit of sewing on the side. All photos taken by me, unless noted. Please ask permission for usage of any photos. Thanks!

Wedding Pro Pics-The Highlights

Thanks to Nessa Kessinger for such great photos. Very excited to see the rest soon.


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Woo hoo!

Wedding video highlights!

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Fauxtobooth Pics

Click here for the fauxtobooth pics taken at the wedding. We suggest watching it as a slide show.


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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who traveled from far and near to be with us on our wedding day. Your presence added to the awesomeness of the day.

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Two Weeks!

IMG_8521-Courtesy of fellow Austin Knottie Trisha Sumpter. Thanks Trish!-

We’ll be walking down the aisle in two weeks. Looking forward to the day my favorite person in the world becomes my husband.

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Gocco? Yes, please.

We decided to keep the Do-It-Yourself theme going and made our Thank You cards. So I apologize if I ruined the surprise.

Using a Gocco and some stamps we print screened some note cards and napkins for the bar…viola!


It’s fun. It’s vibrant. It’s cute. It’s us.

Now the napkins:


Napkins drying on the table

DSCF0011One of two designs

So there you go, a few more details that are making up our wedding.


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Best chore on the wedding to-do list

Thank goodness for venues that allow for the couple to bring in their own alcohol. You are able to shop around and compare prices and everyone knows that’s the best way to find a deal. This weekend we got our wedding day bar supply. Some were purchased with an employee’s recommendation, others are people’s favorite (Phillip’s Union anyone?). Behold:


Ain’t it beautiful? Not included are all the soft drinks, juices and 48 bottles of wine and 48 bottles of beer. Our venue notified us we went over a bit with the vodka and wine but I’m okay with that. If you know me you know how much I love to throw get-togethers and parties. Is it crazy that I am already PUMPED about throwing our first post-wedding party (The Gingerbread People Decorating and Cookie Swap Christmas Party)? No, not crazy, just always thinking ahead. Can’t help it.


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