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Gocco? Yes, please.

We decided to keep the Do-It-Yourself theme going and made our Thank You cards. So I apologize if I ruined the surprise.

Using a Gocco and some stamps we print screened some note cards and napkins for the bar…viola!


It’s fun. It’s vibrant. It’s cute. It’s us.

Now the napkins:


Napkins drying on the table

DSCF0011One of two designs

So there you go, a few more details that are making up our wedding.



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The Inspiration Board

For some reason I could not figure out how to save my inspiration board as a .jpeg file. Sadness. Anyhow, the .doc below is it. I never understood why brides took the time out to do one but it really helped me get my ideas sorted and displayed for me and others to see. I did it in a rush so I apologize if it looks a little uneven on the edges. So here it is:

inspiration board

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Flowers! Beautiful flowers!

We received our first quote back from a florist. We received what I think to be a very, very reasonable price, $435. We are requesting a bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 6 boutonnieres, flowers for the cake and rose petals for the aisle.  The flowers will consist of: purple hydrangea, schwarzwalder (dark plum/purple) mini calla lilies, purple lady slipper orchid, purple monkey tail, green hypericum berries,  dark purple lady slipper orchids, fuchsia anemone, fuchsia freesia, green cymbidium orchids and green dendrobium orchids.The flowers have to be picked but that shouldn’t be a big deal. The place is right by the house and we can pick them up the day before or the day of.

Here are some samples of what I want for the big day. The picture is courtesy of a blog I came across. This is what I want my bouquet to look like. The bridesmaids will have something similar to this but with more pea green in it.


As for the gentlemen…


The second from the right will be G’s bout. The curly flower thingie is called monkey tails! So fitting for G. The groomsmen will have something similar.

So…with all that said, am I getting a deal or not? I haven’t a clue. I emailed another florist that has gotten rave reviews for quality work and bargain prices. Here’s hoping she can pull a miracle because I can’t help but think I found an unbeatable bargain. But I don’t mind being corrected, especially if it saves us more money.

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