Best chore on the wedding to-do list

Thank goodness for venues that allow for the couple to bring in their own alcohol. You are able to shop around and compare prices and everyone knows that’s the best way to find a deal. This weekend we got our wedding day bar supply. Some were purchased with an employee’s recommendation, others are people’s favorite (Phillip’s Union anyone?). Behold:


Ain’t it beautiful? Not included are all the soft drinks, juices and 48 bottles of wine and 48 bottles of beer. Our venue notified us we went over a bit with the vodka and wine but I’m okay with that. If you know me you know how much I love to throw get-togethers and parties. Is it crazy that I am already PUMPED about throwing our first post-wedding party (The Gingerbread People Decorating and Cookie Swap Christmas Party)? No, not crazy, just always thinking ahead. Can’t help it.



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RSVPs due Thursday!

We need to get the final headcount to the venue soon, so please don’t forget to send us your RSVP this week. If you misplaced them, please feel free to email or call and let us know about your plans.

Many thanks in advance!

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RSVP Deadline Soon Approaching!

With the RSVP deadline soon approaching I figured it would be nice to finally show the final invitation. And this entry would act as a friendly reminder to those who haven’t sent us the postcard (thanks if you already have!). I would have posted the pictures sooner but I let myself get distracted by other wedding to-dos that required: dowels, ribbons, paint, glue guns, stickers, and so much more. Click on any of the pictures twice and you will be able to see the details better.


Greg and I met through so it made sense to play off it. We (me, really) were torn between doing tradition and non-traditional invites. The non-traditional ones suited our personalities more. We were concerned that some people would not get it but that worry was put aside when we realized all the wedding information is there or on this website.

invitation_angledThe invite consisted of three layers and one insert: Invite, Directions, Accommodations (90% of our invitees are from out of town) and an RSVP postcard featuring…drum-roll, please…Us.




All of them done. Every 4 invites were different. I used about 18 different back splashes on them. You can see the RSVP in the picture above.


Sorry for the edited pics but I had to respect my guests’ personal information and not display it. I got these eggshell colored envelopes on sale so I decided to jazz them up with a stamp.

So there are my beautiful invites. The process wasn’t awful or too much of a pain. The key to making it all easy was designing the wording to align just right. That helped when it came to cutting and layering them. The layout isn’t what I originally wanted to do but I didn’t realize I bought the wrong materials until a month before I was due to send them out! I made do with what I had and I can say they turned out better than what I expected or imagined.


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Woo hoo!

As of today I believe all of our guests have received their invitations. In a day or two I’ll upload pictures of them, just incase not everyone has received them.

They took quite a bit of work but they were totally worth it. They are cute and nontraditional…like us.

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Reception Time

Our venue offers a 4-hour reception (would include: the cocktail hour, dinner, cake, and dancing). We can extend it to 5 but we aren’t sure which amount of time would be better. We would love to get your input.



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The Inspiration Board

For some reason I could not figure out how to save my inspiration board as a .jpeg file. Sadness. Anyhow, the .doc below is it. I never understood why brides took the time out to do one but it really helped me get my ideas sorted and displayed for me and others to see. I did it in a rush so I apologize if it looks a little uneven on the edges. So here it is:

inspiration board

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So here it is…I am very afraid that the wedding will be very ‘meh’. Very ordinary. Very generic. I feel as though there’s no cohesive theme going on to string along my ideas. And I am afraid all this will show.  Our space is so big I fear all the details and all the pretty won’t wow me, or our guests. I really want to be wowed. If we out-wow ourselves then we suceeded. Is it bad to want to impress yourself?

Luckily we have time to play around with centerpieces, signage, invites, etc. Our vision, whatever that may be, will hopefully come together come November.

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