Greg’s Perspective:

(with apologies to my horrible writing…I’ll try to clean it up later)

I had been planning on asking Melizza during our trip to New York for a little over a month before the trip. During that time, I was asked by several people what my plans were in the proposal department. I had to lie to every single one of them, saying that I wasn’t sure when, or where I was going to ask. I feel bad for having done it, but I didn’t want to take any chances that the surprise would be revealed early. So, if I lied to you about things, I’m sorry.

I spent some time trying to figure out various places that would be appropriate. I had wanted to have several options in mind, just in case some of them didn’t work out for some reason.

The first spot on my list that we ended up hitting in our trip was the Promenades in Brooklyn. The Promenades is a nice little area along the river with nice view of Manhattan, normally. The day we were there, it looked like this:

Manhatten in Fog

Since it was cold, wet, and foggy day, where you could barely even see the city, I decided that it wasn’t such a good time for things to go down. So, I decided to wait until we hit my next idea.

Later that day is when I decided to not ask again. The next idea was to propose near where Melizza grew up, in Bushwick. I knew that it wasn’t the greatest of neighborhoods when she was young, but I was hoping that it made some good progress since then. When I got there, though, I could tell that it really wasn’t a good place. Not because it’s a bad neighborhood or anything, but there was no romance at all to the area. I had one last idea for a good spot to pop the question.

I was pretty insistent on seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center during the trip because that was my last idea for a good location. Getting to the tree, however, proved to be a bit of a nightmare. The streets were packed with people. It took over 30 minutes to walk a few blocks just to see it. It was just way too crowded to want to bring the ring out. Here’s what it looked like:


All of the ideas I had for asking had come and gone. Nothing worked out. We still had one more full day in NYC, but I knew a good opportunity would not present itself that day. I was a bit disappointed.

I was determined that the ring absolutely had to go on her finger while we were still in New York, though. When we got back to where we were staying, after the whole tree mess, I decided that was the best time. Melizza was running around, watering plants, and tidying up the place, when I asked her to sit on the couch with me. I let her know that there was something I was trying to do for a couple of days, and there just wasn’t a good time for it. So, I pulled the ring out, and asked her then.

Here’s a picture of the goods, for all of you who are wondering what it looks like.

Engagement Ring

Melizza’s Perspective:

I wouldn’t exactly say I knew the proposal was coming that week in NY but I had a feeling it would be soon. I honestly had given up that he was planning on proposing during our  vacation. When Christmas morning came and went, when visiting Brooklyn came and went, and when our visit to Rockefellar came and went and no ring, I gave up on the proposal. Honestly I was never too sure he would ask in NY.  We spend all of our time together and I couldn’t imagine when he could have bought the ring. Sneaky Greg.

During dinner with my friend Shirley Greg stepped away from the table and she asked,”So when do you think he’s going to ask?” And I answered honestly. “I don’t know. I thought he would have done it already.” After dinner we went back to the place we were staying at. Some friends were letting us use their apartment and while I was there I was in charge of watering the plants. It was late and I was determined to get that chore done before going to bed. I did not really understand why Greg was insisting I take a break and sit on the couch with him. I finished up quickly and then sat besides him. He went into his camera bag and pulled out a ring box and rambled on about how he had been trying for the last few days and no moment had been right. But he did pick a right time. Earlier that day he had met my dad for the first time and it seemed very fitting that he asked me later on in the evening. After some hugs and tears I made sure to tell some family and friends before calling it a day.


3 responses to “Proposal

  1. Roberta

    awww! I love it.

  2. Lee Gibson

    OK, I admit it. I said “squee!” in my head.

    Just a little bit.

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