Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids

Our friendship started with a simple “hello”. Tasha and I met the first few days in college. We lived in the same dorm hall (Tinker 1-B! Woot!) and she walked into my open room and introduced herself to me.  She humored me while I showed her pictures from home and moped about missing New York. We later reconnected on Halloween night after attending our first frat party together. The memories together started then and haven’t stopped.  We were there for each other for some of the best and toughest times throughout college and afterwards. I am looking forward to Tasha being at my side on my wedding day.


Mardi and I talk at least three times a week on our way to or from work.  She too is a Hollins girl.  We met junior year and suffered a bit of hazing together during the traditional Ring Night. We lived together after I returned from London and had some of the BESTEST (or so I like to think) parties Roanoke has seen. Sadly we moved and started separate lives but I can’t wait to get her to Austin and party on at the wedding. Maybe even convince her to move to Austin?


Lindsay and I live parallel lives. Really, she said so and I agree. From the moment I met Lindsay in the Financial Aid Office sophomore year (her first year) I knew I wanted to be friends with her. And friends we became, not at Hollins, but in London as we did our semester abroad. We too became roommates and best friends. Lindsay is often my voice of reason and helps rationalize all my crazy ideas. She and her hubbie need to move to Austin.


Texas was in my fate early on. Dannette is my first Texan friend and my first sophomore year roommate. Dannette is one the most charming and dynamic women I have met. Her mood is infectious and I love when she’s around. Even though Texas was in her past I am working on trying to convince her and her hubbie that Austin, TX should be in her future.


I survived my year in London due to good friendships, especially the one of Liz Howes’.  She taught me all about British slang and etiquette and laughed at all my Americanisms. She introduced me to Graham Norton, Lion Peanut Bars (can’t believe they have since been discontinued) and delicious veggie meals (but I’m not sold on Quorn). Liz will be making her second visit to The States and I am looking forward to showing her the Texas nightlife. Or we can just eat our way through the town, either one will due. We can work on getting her a visa too.


Mia is my little sister, ten years my junior.  I can’t tell you how much I love this kid and how much I want amazing things to happen for her.  Here’s hoping she loves Austin and moves here to attend college. Do you see the goal here? Get all my bestest girlies here and convince them to move to Austin, then life would truly, truly be perfect.

Mia and me

The Groomsmen

Words cannot really describe Tommy. That’s just the way he rolls. I probably met Tommy at a dancing event, or maybe it was a party at his house, I’m not really sure. I didn’t really get to know him very well until we decided to carpool to New Orleans together. Both of us were pretty unsure about spending so much time in a car with someone we hardly knew. By the end of that trip (which was awesome), we became pretty good friends. The friendship only grew from there. When I moved to Austin, I really missed hanging out with him and Kathy (his wife). We don’t get together very often anymore, but it is still a lot of fun every time. That’s why he’s my best man. Interestingly, several friends of Tommy’s have left Dallas and ended up getting married shortly afterward. I’m just the latest one, I guess.


Through Tommy, I met Lee. He is a man of incredible genius. Seriously, he’s like MacGyver. Dude can fix pretty much anything and knows something about everything. He’s the type of guy that is always there when you need him. A very solid friend, and always willing to lend a hand.

Lee in Anticipation

Gene is another dancer-friend. He’s a very calm, and unassuming individual who possesses a great deal of wisdom and advice. Not just any advice, but good advice. Advice that he is more than happy to share when asked. He and his wife, Becky, have been super helpful to me in figuring things out.

Gene and Becky

I’ve been friends with Matt for longer than anybody else in this list. It’s partially because of his peer pressure that I ended up going to college and doing something with my life (all my friends were doing it). We don’t get to see each other very often at all, something about him living a couple of states away, but we always fall back into the good friend routine when we do.


Chris is the only groomsman who actually lives in Austin. I met him in college, he was Matt’s first roommate there. We quickly learned that Chris was a great guy who enjoyed a lot of the same things we did. It was Chris’s coaching that allowed me to land my current job, making video games for a living. Hooray for that.

She's so small


5 responses to “Wedding Party

  1. Lindsay Beeson

    Thank you for such lovely comments! I think this is going to be a beautiful wedding, and I cannot wait to see you and Greg become man and wife!

  2. Dannette

    Ahhh, this is so darling. You are going to have so much love surrounding you on your big day – I can’t wait to see us all made up beautifully and making lovely memories 🙂 I can’t wait to see everyone!

  3. Gloria Gomez

    Mela, you & your honey look so happy.

    Thank you for the beautiful comments on
    my daughter, Dannette. I have to strongly agree.
    TO TX!!!

  4. Dude…that’s a totally sexy picture of me! No wonder I had so many people wanting to marry me!

  5. Lee Gibson

    I’m a have ta break me off a piece of Tommy’s sammich there.

    Uh, wait. Never mind.

    November is going to be awesome.


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